About me

I am an Early Career Research Group Leader AutoML for Science in the Cluster of Excellence Machine Learning for Science at the University of T眉bingen.

Short Bio

My research focuses on methods for automated machine learning (AutoML), hyperparameter optimization (HPO), and efficient benchmarking. Motivated by the goal of further democratizing the application of machine learning for scientific researchers and practitioners, I research how to improve and extend AutoML systems to leverage the full potential of ML for new applications.

Previously, I was part of the ML Lab at the University of Freiburg, where I completed my Ph.D. under the supervision of Frank Hutter and Marius Lindauer (2022). I also co-developed several open-source tools for HPO methods and AutoML systems and have been a member of the team winning three AutoML competitions (2016, 2018, 2020). I am a junior head of the Automl.org group, member of the COSEAL group and a faculty member of IMPRS-IS. Furthermore, I co-organized the AutoML workshop series at ICML in 2019, 2020 and 2021 and served as a social chair (2022,2023) and as a program chair (2024) for the AutoML Conference.


  • Mar'24 路 馃摑 Our paper "Towards Bandit-based Optimization for Automated Machine Learning" has been accepted for oral presentation at PML4LRS@ICLR'24.
  • Mar'24 路 馃摑 Our paper "Towards quantifying the effect of dataset selection for benchmarking tabular machine learning approaches" has been accepted at DMLR@ICLR'24.
  • Feb'24 路 馃摑 Our paper "Can Fairness be Automated? Guidelines and Opportunities for Fairness-aware AutoML" has been published at JAIR.
  • Feb'24 路 馃摀 I will offer a seminar on "AutoML in the Age of LLMs and Pre-trained Models" in the summer semester. See here.
  • Feb'24 路 馃棬锔 I will give an invited talk at Women in Data Science on May 14th on "AutoML: Streamlining Machine Learning"
  • 9th Nov'23 路 馃棬锔 Together with Marius Lindauer I gave a talk at MLOps'23: "Hyperparameter Optimieren mit AutoML"
  • 15th Sep'23 路 馃憢 Welcome my first team member: Amir Rezaei Balef!
  • Sep'23 路 馃摀 I offer a seminar on "Automated Machine Learning and Hyperparameter Optimization" in the winter semester. Find all details here.
  • 1st Sep'23 路 馃コ I am thrilled to be a program chair for AutoML 2024 in Paris (together with Roman Garnett and Joaquin Vanschoren , and Marius Lindauer as the General Chair)
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  • Jan'23 路 馃コ I am very excited to start my own Early Career Research Group for AutoML for Science at the Cluster of Excellence "ML for Science" at the University of T眉bingen!


Note: For links to slides, tutorials and videos, please see talks, teaching and Automl.org

Want to work with me? I typically recruit PhD students via IMPRS-IS (Deadline mid-November each year). Here is an example call for a PhD position or reach out to me for more details!